The Threat That The Blue Whale Challenge Poses To Parents In Particular

If there has been something disruptive in the gaming arena that has so gripped the attention of people, it is the Blue Whale ChallengeThe one aspect that is disturbing about this so innocent sounding gaming experience is the irrecoverable path the game leads people to and in a lot of instances ends up in the death of the contestant.  It is thus advised for parents to check on their wards to take the necessary steps to kill the game in the very beginning.

Blue Whale Challenge

The fear psychosis that this game has brought about in the lives of people that have come to play the game makes it important that a stop to its propagation is done at the very earliest.  It is mostly the teenagers that get unduly influenced by the game as older and more mature players do manage to control their emotions better.

How the Blue Whale Challenge can be managed

            -Take control: It is important that the person playing the game is in control of his emotions.  If someone realizes that emotions are the part of life that is usually getting the better of the person, it is best to avoid playing or getting involved in any manner with the game.

            –Be assertive: The Blue Whale Game tries to exploit the need for emotional support that most people are needing in modern day society.  The game at first instructs the contestants to perform very simple tasks that get people to feel good.  It is thus important that the players be assertive to the need to back off once things go wrong.  This is where the game goes from a simple entertainment to an obsession.

            –Importance of friends: No doubt, the immediate family of each person is what provided him with the emotional support that a person needs.  When for a variety of reason this support is lacking or has broken down, it is only natural that such people seek support elsewhere.  A good friend circle can act to step in to give this support in a lot of instances.  It is when this last line of defense has broken down that factors like games and social media take over.

Blue Whale Challenge

Thus games like the Blue Whale are only seeking to exploit the deficiencies that have creeped into lives of people. The traditional roles of family and friends are as important in modern lives as in the past.

            –Linking with people: It is important that people establish people to people contact right through their lives.  Some who acts within the boundaries of a good relation is not going to be influenced by happenings like the Blue Whale phenomenon.  Thus the scenario enacted by this so disruptive a game is a harbinger of more sinister things to come in the years ahead.  What in the yester years have started out as innocent pass times have in time gained notoriety in later years.  This game should thus be taken as a warning to future planners and influencers of societal practices.