What The US Open 2017 Tries To Establish

The US Open 2017 with its years of pedigree aims to find the best possible players on the synthetic medium.  With the long past champions that have carried the trophy the past years have ensured that this would be a coveted and well contested championship. The different nationalist and different types of people that have entered the completion is a sign that there would be a good contest this time as well.

US Open 2017

The build up to US Open 2017

It is not everyone that can get to play on this coveted arena for a piece of glory.  There is a strict selection criterion that ensures only the most able of tennis players make it to play at the US Open 2017 schedule.  This ensures that there is a good bit of game to be had both for the spectators as well as the competitors.

The large prize money on offer that run into several millions, ensure that the completion is going to be real hard.  For the players, the pride of having their name etched on the trophy is what drives most. It is a good way to write yourself into posterity.  This is aptly demonstrated by the television commentators that go on to recalling the past champions of the tournament in their description of the game.

While pride could well drive a lot of people, there are those that just like to put up a good fight.  These are the derailleur of the possible champions and are stars for themselves.  Most versions of the game would no doubt produce such giant slayers too.  There are of course those gentlemen and ladies that simply stand out for their behavior as well as for the game.  How well they conduct themselves even under the severest of pressures.

The pressures of a modern game that is Tennis

The pressures of a game of tennis are more than what occurs on the courts.  There is always expectations and feelings of the spectators and the fans that each player carries on the shoulder all the time.  On court as well as off the court.  Thus it takes a true champion to do well in all aspects of the game.

US Open 2017

There cannot be denied the amount of money that is riding on each player.  This is by way of endorsements and sponsors; and also the prize that a win would bring to each participant. The monetary compensation is not a trifling matter anymore with huge amounts of money being spent by one and all in the game.  Players often turn millionaires in a fortnight.


With different players it is often a different set of factors that motivate each time they step into a tennis court. For the eight time champion the aim is to get his name etched on the trophy a ninth time whereas for the novice just a single win would serve the trouble of having come to New York for a game of tennis.